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Cayuga Foot Care, Ithaca, NY

Footwear and Orthotics

Dr. Quezada offers a variety of shoe and orthotics services and products.

Custom foot orthotics

These are custom arch supports made from a cast of the foot. These custom arch supports are used to treat many foot disorders such as heel pain, arch pain, and metatarsal problems. These devices can be used to alleviate knee and back pain.

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Extra Depth CrocsRx Shoes

These prescription shoes have a very deep toe box. This is helpful for patients with severe bunion and hammertoes. Medicare will pay for these shoes if you have a diabetic related foot problem.

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Diabetic Insoles

These custom made insoles are for our diabetic patients with extra depth orthopedic shoes. Medicare will pay for these type of insoles if you have a diabetic related foot problem. They are used to help heal a diabetic wound.

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